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Supermax 100 Takes Competing to the Next Level, the ‘National College Showcase’ Will Be No Different

The National College Showcase at Wayne State will be Supermax 100’s playground. The well-versed and highly skilled group takes competition to the next level.

Supermax’s own Cedrick Wilson covers another rich set of athletes as the nation begins to make its way to Detroit to watch the undeniably talented group:

2025 TE Maxwell Richardson– Forest Hills Central(MI)- Richardson is a wild card prospect for me to evaluate. He does exceptional things on both sides of the ball. On offense he’s a mismatch for LBs and DBs with his size and athletic ability. On defense he annihilates guys trying to block him. Richardson is relentless when he’s on defense. Never takes a play off and he plays with a high motor all the time. Looking forward to seeing this kid in person. Should be ranked higher. Won’t find too many guys with his skillset on both sides of the ball. 

Cole Gamble

2025 WR Eric Slater– Roseville(MI)- Slater is a big target at 6’3. He has strong hands, decent speed and will move the chains with his size. Slater will go across the middle and dish out the punishment on defenders. If Slater can put together a good summer camp circuit his offer list will increase. 

2026 RB Kory Amachree– Haslett(MI)- Amachree is a better prospect than his brother. He’s younger and more versatile. He has good size at 6’ 200lbs. He also has good vision, good speed and good hands. He knows how to make defenders miss and he has homerun ability when he gets in open field. Exciting young prospect with big time potential. Unranked right now. Will be ranked by the end of the summer if he can put together a good summer. 

Cody Taylor

2025 DL Dominick Moody– North Cobb(GA)- Moody has good size at 6’4 260. He’s the ideal size for the edge position. Moody has a quick first step, he has long arms and he does a good job with using his length to get off blocks. Moody is also physical at POA and he’s relentless getting after the QB. Unranked at the moment but if he can turn it on this offseason his stock will rise and he will be ranked. Offer list should be longer by the end of the summer. 

2024 WR Jawon Jarrett– Southfield A&T(MI)- Jarret is small but he’s an exciting prospect to watch on film. Jarrett is fast, explosive and he’s dangerous after the catch. Jarrett has great quickness and knows how to make defenders miss. He also uses his speed to get vertical. Underrated prospect with big time potential.

Donte West

2025 ATH Rashad Jones– Belleville(MI)- Jones is baller on both sides of the ball. I do believe he’s a TE at the next level due to his blocking and route running. He also has good hands. Jones has great size at 6’4 250 so that’s the ideal size for the TE position. On the flip side he’s also a good edge guy. He’s fast, quick first step, relentless and has good pass rushing ability. Should be ranked higher than the current spot he’s in. By the end of the summer his offer list will be full of Power 5 schools from all over. Top 100 caliber kid. 

2024 OL Nathaniel Johnson– Belleville(MI)- Johnson is a beast. 6’4 300 with good feet and good technique. Johnson dominates his opponent every time they line up in front of him. He loves to pancake guys. He’s nasty, he opens holes for the backs. You can tell the backs love running behind him. Offer list will grow by this summer if he puts on a clinic on the camp circuit. 

2025 ATH Elisha Durham– West Bloomfield(MI)- Durham is long. Already standing 6’1 and still growing. He uses his length well when high pointing the football in the air. He isn’t afraid to go across the middle and sacrifice his body to make a play for his team. Durham has good speed, he’s quick and he does a good job with getting extra yards after the catch. Should be ranked by the end of the summer if his game film can match his camp performances. 

Jayreon Campbell

2024 LB Willie Powell– Harper Woods(MI)- Powell has good instincts, tackles well and uses his hands will to fight off blocks. Good size for an inside backer standing at 6’ 210. Powell’s best football is ahead of him. I want to watch him to further my evaluation of him. Sleeper prospect. 

2025 ATH Floyd Boucard– Mobile Christian(AL)- With the move to Alabama from Canada the competition will be far better for Boucard. Boucard is a big time talent on both sides of the ball at 6’3 270. Boucard is physical, has good ball skills and he has a high IQ. He’s one of the best athletes in the country for the 2025 class. He will be a top 100 prospect by the time it’s all said and done. Possibly top 20. Offer list will grow soon if he camps well this summer. 

2025 DB Cameron Jamerson– Corona(CA)- Jamerson is long at 6’1. He has the ideal size for a corner at the next level. Jamerson has good coverage skills and isn’t afraid to mix it up with receivers. He’s a decent tackler and will get better at it as he continues to grow. He also has a good football IQ and he’s a technician at the cornerback position. Should see a rise in stock if he can put together a strong camp campaign this summer.

Cameron Jamerson

2026 OL Cody Taylor– Greenwood HS(AR)- Taylor is a beast in the trenches. He has great size for an interior lineman. Taylor is 6’3 300 with long arms and he has good feet. He loves to pancake defenders and he adds a little extra to it when he pancakes you. He’s a good pass blocker, uses his long arms to keep defenders in front of him. The best OL I’ve evaluated this year so far. Unranked right now but by the time the season starts this kid will have offers from everybody and he will be highly ranked. Future 5 star prospect. 

2025 OL Paul Bowling– Mceachern(GA)- Nice interior OL with good technique. Bowling is listed at 6’3 290 so it’s the perfect size for a guard at the next level. Bowling has a nasty nature in his game along with finishing off anybody who gets in his way. He does a good job with one on one blocks and he also does well with combo blocks. Will be one of the best IOL in the country if he has a good camp circuit this summer. 

2024 RB Cole Gamble– Mountain Brook(AL)- Gamble has good burst between the tackles. Gamble also has good speed, good vision and good power behind his runs. Gamble has impressive size at 6’1 200lbs for the RB position. Sleeper prospect with good potential. Offer list will grow with a strong camp circuit. 

Jawon Jarrett

2026 RB Jayreon Campbell– Mceachern(GA)- Campbell is a young prospect that has a promising future at the RB spot. Campbell already has a nice frame for his age. He has a stocky build, good power and vision. He’s a downhill runner. Has 3 offers already at this stage. Offers will roll in if he camps well. 

2025 LB Andre Thomas Jr.– Belleville(MI)- Thomas has a lot of upsides. He has the size to play the LB position, he’s fast and plays with good instincts. He is also a good tackler with good coverage skills. Not too many young LBs have what he has. The sky is limit for this young man as he continues to grow into his body and his craft. Thomas should move up the ranking if his camp performances can match his game film. Solid prospect. 

2025 DB Mckaden Smith– Arabia Mountain(GA)- Smith is a true corner. Smith has some of the best techniques I’ve seen so far in my evaluation process. He can cover with the best of them. Smith has good speed, good instincts and he has a good football IQ. Smith is a very underrated prospect with good potential. If Smith can dominate the camp circuit like he does in season he will get a bump up in the rankings and his offers will increase. Solid prospect. 

Colin Richardson

2024 DL Timarion Minor– Warren Lincoln(MI)- Nice size for either side of the ball. Minor is a massive human being standing at 6’5 300. Most view Minor as an interior lineman. I believe his best position will be at DT. He has good hands, long arms and he eats up space in the run game. Is a load to move. He’s one prospect to keep an eye on during his recruiting process.

2024 RB Donte West– Friendship Collegiate Academy(MD)- West is a compact RB with a thick lower body. He runs with power, decent speed and has good vision. West also has some sneaky quickness in his game. West is the type of back that will wear you down after a while if you keep feeding him the ball. Offers will roll in if he does well on camp circuit. 

2024 IOL Davont’a Love– Chippewa(MI)- Love is an undersized lineman with good feet. Love also has good power, finishes his blocks and opens up the running lane for the backs. He’s already low to the ground so leverage isn’t an issue. Solid prospect for lower level schools. 

2024 IOL Jessten Johnson– Harper Woods(MI)- Johnson is another undersized interior lineman with good feet. He has a good football IQ. Johnson loves to pancake opponents, he’s a good puller and he plays with good leverage. Solid prospect for lower level schools. 

2024 WR Kevin Simes– Belleville(MI)- Simes is small but makes plays with the ball in his hand. Simes is cat quick, tough and dangerous in the return game. He has good speed and you’re not catching him from behind if he gets behind the defense. He will make plays at the next level because he has that big play ability that you look for in prospects. Good prospect 

2024 LB Colin Richardson– Mt. Zion Prep(MD)- Richardson has good size for the linebacker position at 6’2 210. Richardson has decent speed, he’s a plugger and he reacts pretty well. Tackles well in space so that’s a plus for him. Richardson will be a solid player for a lower level program. 

2025 WR Adrian Walker Jr.– Belleville(MI)- Walker is electric with the ball in his hands. Walker is small but he has plenty of juice in his game. Walker is fast, quick and is a gamechanger. What’s surprising about Walker is that he plays bigger than his size indicates. Intriguing prospect with good potential.

Assessment and evaluation completed by Cedrick Wilson.

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