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Supermax 100 is Days Away From a Motor City Takeover

Supermax 100 is pumped with high-profile athletes and rare talent. The team is just days from a heavily expected showing at the Wayne State National College Showcase. 

Athletes are ready to show their skills and increase their knowledge among over 80 college coaches. Cedrick Wilson did thorough evaluations of top prospects stretching across the nation in preparation for Supermax’s Motor City takeover:

Andrew Marsh

2025 WR Andrew Marsh– Katy Jordan TX- Marsh is a special talent. Marsh makes plays all over the field no matter where he lines up. Marsh has good speed, great hands and he’s a polished route runner. After watching his film you can see why this kid is a hot commodity on the recruiting trail. Top 100 kid in America for the 2025 class. 

2024 Edge Dylan Stewart- Friendship Collegiate Academy(DC)- Stewart is regarded as one of the top edge players in America in the 2024 class. After watching the film on this kid, it’s a lot to like about Stewart. He’s 6’5 with great bend, speed and power. He also has violent hands and a good change of direction. Good luck blocking this kid at the next level. Stewart will be playing on Sunday if he continues to develop. 

2024 Edge Deandre Cook– Friendship Collegiate Academy(DC)- Cook has nice size at 6’4 270 and moves well for his size. He has good COD down the line of scrimmage. He has violent hands, sets the edge on running plays and has a quick first step. Cook has an impressive offer list to go along with his amazing talent. Surprised he’s not ranked higher on most sites. 

2025 DB CJ Spence– Mt. Zion Prep(VA)- Spence is an intriguing prospect. He’s young with a lot of potential. He already has the size college coaches are looking for in DBs. He’s 6’3 with long arms, good speed and he’s athletic for his size. He’s a little raw right now at this stage but with a strong camp season I can see this kid moving up the rankings by the end of the summer. Spence will be a top 100 kid in the 2025 class. 

Dylan Stewart

2025 DT Bryce Jenkins– Friendship Collegiate Academy(DC)- Jenkins is a load at the defensive tackle position. He’s 6’5 300 plus pounds and carries it well. Jenkins eats up space with his size and he’s a good run stopper. Moves well when in pursuit. He keeps OL off of his LBs and that’s why they make a lot of plays. He’s a top 200 player in america. Kid has a lot of upsides. 

2024 DB Mako Grant– Kenwood Academy(IL)- Grant is another intriguing prospect that I’ve watched on film. Grant plays with a lot of passion. He’s an explosive hitter at the DB position. He has good closing speed when breaking on routes and he also has good speed. I can see him lining up at the star position at the next level. Another under the radar recruit. Should be ranked higher.

2024 DB Amon Lane– Moody(AL)- Lane is a Auburn commit. Lane Lane has good size for the DB position at 6’ 180. Lane is physical, he’s an exceptional tackler and he can cover. It’s rare to find all three of those attributes in the DBs these days so that’s a plus for him going to the next level. I can see him lining up all over the field on the back end when he gets to college. Should be ranked higher than his ranking. Auburn got a good one in Lane. 

2024 LB Simeon Coleman– St. Frances Academy(MD)- Coleman is a Cincinnati commit. Coleman has nice size for the LB position. He explodes through ball carriers, he has big time closing speed when in pursuit and he’s very good at diagnosing plays. Coleman has a high football IQ for his age. Cincinnati got a real steal with Coleman. I can see this kid playing early at UC. 

A’mon Lane

2025 DB Desmond Straughton– Roseville(MI)- Straughton is a young prospect that I like alot. Should be ranked higher in his class. Straughton has good size, tackles well and he plays with good instincts. He also knows how to make plays when he has the ball in his hand. Look for this kid to shoot up the rankings by the end of the summer. 

2025 RB Marcello Vitti– Divine Child(MI)- Vitti is another young prospect with great potential. Vitti has a good burst, he’s elusive and has good vision. When he gets in the open field you’re not going to catch him. He has good speed to go along with other attributes. This kid will only get better as he grows. There’s a lot to like about this kid early on in the recruiting stage. Already has an impressive offer list. 

2025 WR DeShaun Lanier– Chippewa Valley(MI)- Lanier is a prospect that’s only going to get better as he grows. He has length already standing at 6’ and to go with the length he’s tough as nails. He’s not afraid to go across the middle and make the tough catches. Lanier is shifty, has good hands and has good speed. I view him as a deep threat at this moment. Lanier takes the top off of defenses with his speed. If he gets in an open field you can forget about catching him. Should rise up the ranking for his class by the end of the summer if he has a strong camp season. 

2025 DB Tre Poteat– Verona Area(WI)- Poteat like the other 2025 prospects that i’ve watched he has a lot of potential. He has the size college coaches are looking for at that position. He’s 6’ 170 lbs with long arms. He is fast, he’s a playmaker and he has good instincts. He is also a willing tackler but that will change as he gets older and stronger. If Poteat can put together a strong camp season, look for Poteat to rise up the rankings and his offer list will grow as well.

2025 LB Willie- James Fletcher Jr.- Martin Luther King(MI)- Fletcher has nice size for the LB position. At 6’3 225 you can line him up inside and at the edge position. He plays with good range, he can sniff out plays pretty well so that means he has a good football IQ. He uses his hands well when getting off blocks and he’s very physical at the point of attack. He doesn’t mind striking you when you’re in his way. Offer list will grow by the end of the summer if he has a strong camp season. 

2025 ATH Cashus Shivers– Cass Tech(MI)- Shivers is another interesting prospect that can line up all over the place. Shivers has good size for both sides of the football. At 6’ 180 lbs, you can see him lining up at the nickel position in college. Shivers is physical, a good tackler, and has good closing speed when breaking on routes. I’m looking forward to watching this kid in person. Underrated prospect. 

Marcello Vitti

2024 LB Montele Johnson– West Bloomfield(MI)- Johnson has good size for the LB position. Standing at 6’2 225 he can hold his own in the middle. Johnson has a high football IQ, good reaction, tackles well and has good speed in pursuit. He plays hard on the defense and you can tell he’s a natural leader when he’s on the field with his teammates. Offer list will grow this summer if he can put together some good camp performances. 

2024 WR Thomas McCoy– Mt. Zion Prep(MD)- McCoy has great size for the WR position. He’s 6’3 200lbs with good ball skills. McCoy has good speed, he’s a good blocker and he runs good routes. He uses his frame well when competing for the ball when it’s in the area. He is also good at fighting for extra yards and not going down easy. Kid is always thinking about a touchdown when the ball is in his hands. Good prospect. Offer list will grow this summer if he can put together some strong camp showing. 

2025 DB Justin Rowe– Asheville(NC)- Rowe is another one of our young prospects that will be on display next week. Rowe has great size for the DB position at the next level. He’s already 6’3 200 and that’s what college coaches are looking for at that level. Guys who can play multiple positions like Rowe. Rowe has good speed, can tackle and he’s a playmaker on offense as well. Rowe isn’t ranked now but by the end of this summer he will rise up the recruiting rankings if he performs this camp season. 

2024 DB Phillip Gladney– North Cobb(GA)- Gladney is a under the radar recruit that could possibly see his stock go up if he can put together a good summer. Not ranked at all by any of the recruiting services but that could soon change. Gladney has good size for the DB position. He has good speed, decent coverage skills but has good instincts. He’s not afraid to stick his head in there and make tackles. Looking forward to evaluating this kid in person.

2025 OL Antonio Johnson– St. Mary’s(MI)- Johnson is an unfinished product but the potential is there for him. Johnson has good size at 6’4 300 and he’s still figuring out how to use it. He’s a raw prospect. He has long arms, decent feet and he knows how to finish blocks. If he continues to work on his technique this summer and put together some strong camp performances he will see his stock soar. One to keep an eye on. 

Nakai Amachree

2024 RB Nakai Amachree– Haslett(MI)- Amachree is an under the radar prospect. He has good size for the RB position. Amachree has good burst, good vision and he lowers the boom when defenders get in his way. He also has good speed and he knows how to make people miss in open field. He will be a good pickup for any program that lands his talent. 

2024 DB Bryce Rowe-West Bloomfield(MI)- Rowe has good size for a DB. Rowe has long arms to go along with his frame. His arm length is the reason he’s so good at press man. Rowe is also fast, can cover and is a good tackler. Rowe will be one to watch this summer if he puts on a show this summer on the camp circuit. Offer list will grow this summer. 

2025 WR Antwon Thomas– St. Mary’s(MI)- Thomas is an explosive playmaker. He’s small but makes plays all over the field. Thomas has good speed, he’s quick, knows how to make defenders miss and knows how to get RAC yards. He has a high football IQ for a young player. His stock will rise if he can perform on the camp circuit just like he performs on the field. Exciting prospect. 

2024 DB Caleb Williams– Canton HS(MI)- Williams is an interesting prospect. Good size for the DB position and he has the intelligence to go along with it. Williams has good technique at the position. He has instincts, decent speed and he’s a willing tackler. Williams has to have a great camp season if he wants to see his stock rise and receive more offers. 

2025 WR Kamren Flowers– Ann Arbor Huron(MI)- Flowers is a bonafide WR. Flowers has playmaking ability, he’s fast and he’s quick. Flowers has good size at 6’. I view him as a deep threat because he can take the top off the defense wherever he lines up at WR. Flowers also excels at getting extra yards after the catch. That’s one of his many strengths that he brings to the WR position. Prospect should be higher than his ranking. Offer list will grow by the end of the summer. 

2025 DE/TE Xavier Newsome– Martin Luther King- Newsome is a unique prospect. Newsome has the size that college coaches are looking for in a guy to set the edge on the defense. 6 ‘5 230 with a motor, long arms, violent hands and he’s relentless. I would love to see him play a little lower than he plays on film in person. You can see why he’s one of the top players in his class when watching his film.

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