// Who we are

The Sound Mind Sound Body Foundation (SMSB) is proud to announce its 20th Anniversary of service, which will coincide with the upcoming NFL Draft. To mark this milestone, we have planned exceptional events over five days to celebrate our 20th Anniversary. With your support, we look forward to celebrating 20 years of service and success.

SMSB Foundation

The Sound Mind Sound Body (SMSB) Foundation-a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization-is a leading mentor of students in under-served communities across America.

SMSB Academy

SMSB is dedicated to reducing high school dropout rates while increasing college readiness and scholarships among students through extracurricular activities.

// SMSB Programs

Youth Association

We operate after-school programs where students spend over 300 hours of mentorship coordinated by volunteers weekly.


We provide mentoring, social emotional learning, life skills, SAT Prep, yoga and position specific training.

Talent Search

Our goal is to increase the number of youth from disadvantaged backgrounds who complete high school and their postsecondary education.

Summer Program

We are using extra-curricular activities as a vehicle to keep students engaged. We offered basketball, chess, tennis, golf, volleyball and cheer.

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