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The Supermax Player Break Down

The top players in the nation are ready for the ‘National College Showcase.’ Cedrick Wilson, Superman’s own, is on an assessment spree. Supermax athletes maximize every opportunity to show out.

Meet more of our players here:

2025 Edge John Baker IV- Cass Tech(MI)- Baker is a long prospect with a lot of upsides. Baker is 6’6 with a long wingspan. Baker uses his length to keep blockers off of him when he’s engaged. Baker does a good job setting the edge on run plays. Baker is a decent pass rusher. Would like to see him take it to another level this offseason with his pass rushing skills. If Baker can put it all together this summer his offer list will increase a lot. Wild card prospect. 

2025 Edge Michael Chude– Roseville(MI)- Chude is a technician on the D line. He can line up anywhere on the D line and be effective. He has amazing quickness, violent hands, good COD down the LOS and he’s a good run stopper. Chude will make his living on the edge at the next level. Offer list will grow if he can put together a good camp circuit this summer. 

John Baker IV

2024 Edge Maurice Davis– Doughterty(GA)- Davis is an under the radar type of recruit. His offer list should be longer than it is. Davis has good size at 6’4 220 to play the edge position at the next level. To go along with his frame he has violent hands, quick twitch, good bend off the edge and he does a good job in pursuit. Whoever lands this kid is getting a ball player with good potential. Solid prospect. 

2025 LB Dimari Malone– Dakota HS(MI)- Malone film stood out to me in the first 30 seconds. Malone is an amazing athlete with a lot of different skillsets. Malone is 6’2 220 can tackle, he can cover, has good speed and he has good hands. Malone’s IQ makes the game easy for him. He’s always in the right place and he’s very rarely out of position. Very underrated prospect. Should have bigger schools after him. Offer list will grow by the end of the summer. 

2024 RB Ethan Middleton- Kenwood Academy(IL)- Middleton is an intriguing prospect at the RB position. Middleton does a lot of things well from the RB position. He has good quickness, he can catch the ball out of the backfield, has decent speed and he has good vision. Middleton also has good size at 5’11 200 which he carries well. Middleton will be a good pickup for any school that lands him. Solid prospect. 

2024 DB Charles Miles– Mt. Carmel(IL)- There’s a lot to like about Miles. He has the prototype of size that college coaches are looking for. Miles is a 6’ 200 pound DB that can tackle, he has good feet, good hips and he can cover. Miles is a technician at the DB position. Look for his offer list to grow this summer if he can put together a good camp circuit.

2024 Edge Ivan Moore Jr.– Kenwood Academy(IL)- Moore has the size schools are looking for to play the edge position. Moore is 6’4 220 with violent hands, good pass rushing ability, quick first step and he plays with power. Moore uses his length well to keep defenders off of him when engaged in making plays. He’s also a good tackler and plays well down the LOS. Another underrated prospect with good potential. Solid prospect. 

AJ Marks

2025 DB Le’Javier Payne– Mt. Camel(IL)- Payne is small at 5’9 but plays bigger than that. Payne isn’t afraid to tackle at his size. He will get in there and mix it up with the receivers as well. Payne has good ball skills. I can see Payne playing the star position at the next level. Payne is a lower level prospect. Payne has one offer at the moment. Alabama A&M 

2025 OL/DL Darrin Strey– Paw Paw HS(MI)- Strey is a huge prospect with long arms. Strey is 6’6 260 and he uses his length well on both sides of the ball. Strey is a good athlete, has good feet and he can run block with the best of them. I also like Strey at the Edge position with his length and violent hands. He knows how to set the edge when teams are running his way. I like this kid’s potential. Offer list will grow by the end of the summer. Solid prospect 

2024 DL Javon Thomas Jr– East Lansing HS(MI)- Thomas has great size to line up at any position on the DL. Thomas stands at 6’5 250 and he’s a load to deal with. Thomas plays with violent hands, he has a quick first step and plays the run exceptionally well. Underrated prospect with good potential. Thomas has an impressive offer list. Look for him to add more by the end of the camp season. Solid prospect. 

2024 WR Ramonty Houze Jr– Harper Woods(MI) Houze is small but he’s exciting to watch. Houze is dangerous in the return game. He makes KO/PR look so easy like he’s in a video game. Houze is fast, has good hands, he’s elusive and he knows how to get RAC yards. Sleeper prospect with big time talent. One to look out for. 

2024 DB Ty Hudkins– Forest Hills Central(MI) Hudkins is a solid prospect with some solid potential. Hudkins has good size for the DB position at 6’1 190. Hudkins also has a nice bag of attributes to go along with his size. Hudkins can tackle well, he can cover, he has good range at safety and has good instincts. His ball skills are pretty good too. I like this prospect a lot. His best football is ahead of him. Solid prospect. 

2025 DB Derrick Jackson III– Cass Tech(MI)- Jackson is a sleeper prospect. He has good size at 6’ 190. Jackson’s strongest attribute is his tackling. He explodes through opponents bodies when he arrives on the scene. Jackson is a very physical guy that doesnt mind mixing it up with opposing teams. Jackson can cover and he has good instincts. Look for his offer list to grow if he can put on a show this summer on the camp scene. 

Ivan Moore

2025 TE Meyer Swinney– Edina(MN)- Swinney is an interesting prospect. He’s athletic enough to flex out at WR and a good blocker at TE. Swinney has some good ball skills when the ball is thrown in his area. He’s a mismatch for LBs and Dbs. He also has some speed to go along with his size. Swinney is 6’4 220. Sleeper prospect. Offer list will grow this summer when he goes on the camp circuit. He will be one of the best TEs in the 2025 class. 

2026 DB AJ Marks– Orchard Lake St. Mary(MI)- Marks is one of the best DBs in the 2026 class. He has good size for a corner at 5’11. Marks has a high IQ, has instincts, good speed and he can tackle. Marks is a technician at the corner position. He plays with good technique and he’s always in a good position to make a play on the ball. With a strong offseason look for his list to grow and attract some of the bigger schools this summer. 

2024 WR Amire Harris– Denby(MI)- Harris is a long WR with good ball skills. Harris is 6’2 170. He plays QB most of the time for his HS team so that lets you know that he’s a good athlete. Harris has decent speed. Would like to see him line up at WR more on film so I can make an honest assessment. Harris has two offers. Air Force and Army 

2024 OL Ellis McAdoo- St.Thomas More(CT)- McAdoo is a beast at the guard position. He’s also a massive kid at 6’5 320. McAdoo has long arms and knows how to use them to keep defenders away from his body. McAdoo punishes defenders in the run game. He opens up holes for his backs to run through. He has good feet to go along with the power that he plays with on the OL. McAdoo has good leverage. Look for his list to grow if he can put together some solid camp showings. One to keep an eye on. Solid Prospect 

2025 OL/DL Cade Wilhelmi- Detroit Country Day(MI)- Intriguing prospect. Wilhelmi has good size for any position on the OL. Wilhelmi stands at 6’5 300 with long arms, good feet and he’s a good athlete that can play on both sides of the ball. What I like about him is that he has good leverage when he’s run blocking and he finishes his blocks with pancakes. He has one offer right now and that will soon change. Look for this kid to blow up this summer. Keep an eye on him. 

2024 WR Maurice Densmore– Mt.Carmel(MI)- Densmore is a sleeper prospect with some potential. He has good size for the WR position at 6’ 180. Densmore has a good release off the LOS and he knows how to create separation when he beats his man. He has good hands, he can block and he’s a good route runner. Densmore has decent speed. Densmore has two offers. At the moment. Morewill come if he can put on a clinic on the camp circuit this summer. Nice prospect.

Assessment and evaluation completed by Cedrick Wilson.

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