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SMSB August Student Spotlight: The Motor City Wolverines

By Jalisa Bannerman

SMSB Journalist

Patrick Foster, a Motor City Wolverine 12U football player and a great motivator, is a standout student at Legacy Academy. Optimistic and driven to win, Patrick upholds a team culture of perseverance and harmony. Wearing #1 in his second year of playing football as an organized sport, Patrick is a natural. Dominating both on the field and in the classroom, Patrick recently received a certification of excellence in technology, an award for music, and a legacy award for excellence in academics.

Leroy Mickens, head coach of the Wolverines 12U team, shared, “Patrick is an outstanding leader who sets the tone and is a great example to his teammates. He encourages and challenges others to give their best effort.” Patrick uses his love for music to keep his mind focused on positivity and ways to execute on the field. He has established a routine of playing hip-hop songs and using the lyrics to get him hyped.

When asked what makes him a great leader, Patrick mentioned, “My coach is always on my head about being a good leader. I take it personally when it comes to being a leader for my team. I show them how to do it correctly when they are messing up. I wouldn’t say I like to lose. So, I’m always on their head to win.” Patrick hopes to play football in high school and later college. With an extensive range of interests and ninth grade approaching, Patrick is already thinking of possible high schools: Cass Tech, King, and Belleville High School.

Having a great support system is something Patrick says helps him navigate through a task. Accrediting his mother for always holding him accountable for his actions, Patrick now takes the initiative to step up to every opportunity.

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