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The College Showcase Proved to Be a Good Bonus for Parents

DETROIT – The National College Showcase was an opportunity for exposure and growth for more than just the attending athletes. Parents were given access to head coaches from the Power Five, HBCUs, D2 colleges, and representatives from the football community.

Parents of Supermax 100 shared positive feedback about the parent seminar segment of the showcase and an opportunity to ask questions during a Q&A portion.

Karen Johnson attended the seminar, while her son Julian Johnson participated in the first session of the camp. “I felt the topics discussed covered a wide variety of subjects, and the coach’s transparency in answering was awesome!”

The parent seminar was a huge bonus to the camp. Seminar directors broke panel discussions into three groups aligning with the start of the athletes’ camp session, a consideration made easily convenient for lingering parents.

Dr. Lalisa Anthony put parents at ease to make informed decisions as the host of each session.

Keynote speakers consisted of Wayne State’s Head Coach and the reason for the camp’s existence, Tyrone Wheatley, NCAA Representative James Garland, CEO/Chief Revenue Officer of Playbook Patrick Werksma, Tuskegee University Head Coach Aaron James, and Toledo Head Coach Jason Candle.

James Egge made his way to Wayne State on behalf of his son Owen Egge. Regarding the depth of information shared during the seminar, he shared that it was the “best way for younger HS players to begin conversions with coaches/recruiters with the NCAA restrictions.”

Discussions throughout the sessions ranged from the difference between D1 and D2 schools, the potential impact of the transfer portal, HBCU options, NIL, and recruitment.

The caliber of speakers made the opportunity for open discussion an invaluable experience for parents.

We encourage parents to gain the necessary knowledge to guide athletes in the best direction. The showcase made access to resources and experts possible.

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