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SMSB August Student Spotlight: The Detroit Spartans

By Jalisa Bannerman

SMSB Journalist

Morgan Sampson, a Detroit Spartans 14u cheerleader and a freshman at Belleville High School, is an undeniable leader. Disciplined and cognizant of herself at such a young age, Morgan is wise beyond her years. As a multifaceted student-athlete, Morgan is a dancer, a singer for her church, and an avid traveler. Cheering since the age of three, Morgan is no stranger to balancing her schoolwork with extracurricular activities.

The head coach of the Detroit Spartans 14u cheer team, Donielle Dabney, shared, “She is my co-captain, and she leads on and off the field. Morgan has demonstrated true leadership all season. She motivates her team, and she never gives anyone any problems. She always stays positive and pushes the girls when they aren’t working at their full potential. She keeps everybody on track, and she leads by example!”

When asked how she maintains her positive attitude, Morgan stated, “From 6 pm-8 pm, it’s game time. It’s focus time. We have things to do. I understand that there is a lot of pressure with competition coming up, but I take the role of coaching so that we can get things done.” Morgan’s parents and aunt have instilled such rich principles of focus and time management. “I’ve always understood the importance of being a student-athlete, so I apply pressure to myself while also maintaining the cheerleader inside me.”

With plans to one day become a pediatrician, Morgan maintains phenomenal grades by being aware of possible distractions and maximizing her time. Like many student-athletes, Morgan has a few hours between school and practice; however, she turns her cell phone off to be attentive. “It’s hard, but it’ll lead to a better life. The outcome will be great!” When asked if she saw herself cheering for her high school, Morgan confidently responded, “It’s a possibility, but I also may join the choir.”

Morgan is looking forward to attending a historically black college and seeing more of the world. She is exceptionally grateful for the life that she has been privileged to experience.

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