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By Jalisa Bannerman

SMSB Journalist

Germani Simmons, a 3rd grader at Wilde Elementary and a cheerleader for the Oldtown Ducks 8U, has much spunk and enthusiasm. Dominating her first year of cheering with so much growth, Germani is already hoping to do what she has loved for a long time. Leading her team by setting great examples of hard work and kindness, Germani receives joy in helping her teammates catch on to new choreography

According to Germani’s head coach, Bria Rivers, “Germani does a great job as team leader and leader at school. Germani’s leadership skills will always be outstanding. She ensures everyone looks right, no one’s bullying, and all the girls are doing the cheers right. She makes sure she helps others as well. Germani’s athletic achievement is something I couldn’t ask more of. She started out shy and came through with an attitude of I’m going to get it. Germani is always saying, ‘I got this.’ She is one of the best cheerleaders I could ask for.”

Germani’s favorite part of attending school is her special classes: gym, art, music, and stem. With art being her favorite subject, Germani always anticipates an opportunity to draw. Her creativity in school and her love for reading are paired with her aspiration to make her mother proud.

When asked if there was anyone who inspires her, Germani excitedly proclaimed, “Simone Biles! Simone Biles!” With hopes to become a doctor in the future, Germani’s role as a supreme helper on the team is a skill she plans to continue throughout her life.

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