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Detroit Football Players Ready to Conquer AYF Nationals in Florida


Attention all football fans! Get ready to witness the incredible talent of Detroit’s finest football players as they gear up to compete in the highly anticipated American Youth Football (AYF) Nationals in Naples, Florida. This thrilling event is set to showcase the skills and determination of these young athletes as they battle it out December 3-8 on the field of Paradise Coast Sports Complex against opponents from all over the country.

AYF Nationals: The Ultimate Showdown

Detroit has always been known for its passion for sports; football is no exception. AYF Nationals is the pinnacle of youth football competitions in the United States. It brings together teams from all over the country, providing a platform for young athletes to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level. This year, the following teams have earned their spot competing for their national ranking: Southfield Lathrup Falcons 12u, Westside Steelers 11u, East Raiders 14u, and the Oldtown Ducks 14u. The Southfield Falcons 11u won nationals last year and are ready to defend their title. 

Training Hard for Victory

Preparation is vital, and Detroit’s football players have been pushing their limits to prepare for the intense battles ahead. They have been training tirelessly, physically and mentally, to ensure they are in peak condition for the tournament. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, these young athletes have been drilling their plays, refining their techniques, and building their endurance.

The Eastside Raiders 14u are making history as the first football team from their organization to make it to Nationals. “Going to Nationals has been a vision since I’ve been coaching 14u. It has been a journey, and we can’t wait to go down to Florida and represent SMSB and the Eastside Raiders. We appreciate the invite and always try to stay humble and do everything the right way. Our team has matured throughout this season,” shared Coach Al of the Eastside Raiders. 

Uniting as a Team

“We built chemistry and really started being able to believe in one. We are very excited to make it to Nationals. Of course, everyone feels they have a chance of winning because you have to be a champion to make it there, but I really feel like we have a great chance of being the national champions, and I’m looking forward to the challenge,” shared Coach Mook of the Westside Steelers 12u. Although the team experienced a great deal of difficulty this year, they have found themselves on the way to Nationals with a new build of perseverance and resilience. 

Football is not just about individual talent; it’s about teamwork and camaraderie. Detroit’s football players have forged strong bonds with their teammates, creating a formidable unit ready to take on anything.

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