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OT7 Baltimore Makes the Third Week in a Row of College Tours During the 7v7 Season

For the third week, Sound Mind Sound Body has prioritized college touring in their 7v7 schedule. A trip to Penn State University and the University of Maryland are benefits many college prospects aren’t able to experience.

The Supermax 100 team, composed of top athletes from the north and south, toured the D-1 college campuses to learn about program possibilities and distinctive advantages.

For a handful of SMSB student-athletes, touring opened the door for more college offers. Penn State University offered scholarships to Marcus Goree Jr. (TN commit), Shavar Young Jr. (class of 2026), and Chas Smith (class of 2026). 

Elisha Durham is captured during SMSB Penn State tour by OB Photography.

Elisha Durham, who plays WR for West Bloomfield, shared his take on being a part of Supermax 100, “I like being with the team, going on college visits, winning games, and making a bond with the other guys from Tennessee.”

The class of 2025 prospect has three college offers and appreciates the time SMSB makes to tour schools during tournaments. 

“We get to tour the weight rooms and talk to coaches, and it’s great exposure.”

Elisha’s college visits are well into the double digits. While committed to focusing on football, he hopes his good grades will lead him into entrepreneurship after college.

In his second season with SMSB, Elisha measured his improvement from the previous year. 

“I got so much better since joining SMSB because of the competition. Constantly being around competition and different coaches and players really helped me.”  

Supermax 100 spent the second half of the trip in Baltimore, where the team made amazing plays and showed incredible teamwork in the OT7 tournament. The two-day event ended with a 2-3 record for the elite group.

The program’s mission is always to expose student-athletes to positive opportunities and prepare them for successful outcomes. In-person college visits maximize campus exploration and student exposure. 

Sound Mind Sound Body is a proven platform that ensures students matriculate to post-secondary education by successfully prioritizing and balancing a unique curriculum that combines life skills, athleticism, and academics. STUDENT + ATHLETE + SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY + SOUND DECISION-MAKING = SUCCESS.

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