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SMSBYA Recognizes Student-Athlete of the Month Ka’Laya Hudgins


We are thrilled to announce our overall October Cheer Student of the Month, Ka’Laya Hudgins!

Ka’Laya Hudgins, a 14U cheerleader for the Southfield Falcons, is also a 9th grader at West Bloomfield High School. Ka’Laya’s ability to successfully manage her time and commitments is a notable attribute on and off the field. Her fantastic team spirit, great attitude, desire to take the initiative, and solid academic footing as a freshman in high school make her an outstanding example of what it means to be a phenomenal student-athlete.

“Ka’Laya has great attendance, is responsible, and has maintained a good grade point average while participating on two teams, the pom and cheer teams. She maintains a positive attitude,” shared Dr. Kim Smith, Cheer Director of the Southfield Falcons. 

“She is the team captain. She is a leader amongst her peers and is often the one they admire. She is not a follower and often uses her independent thinking skills. She is very calm and level-headed and talks to her teammates and listens to them as well.” 

Ka’Laya has been cheering for seven years, and has dramatically made an impacted her team and the Falconda community. 

As a rare talent, she works hard and maintains a job to support some of her interests. On top of establishing a close bond with her cheer sisters, Ka’Laya uses every opportunity as one of the oldest athletes on her team to share perspectives and give advice to her peers.

“I have been able to maintain a 4.0 GPA and usually complete my work during school, or I’ll stay after to get it done before practice,” shared Ka’Laya, who is already on track to earn a 4.0 in her first high school card marking. 

At 14, she knows the importance of maximizing her time and putting scholastics before extracurricular activities. “I tell my team that 8th grade will prepare them for 9th grade.”

The 14u Falcons recently performed at the SMSB Cheer Competition at Belleville High School, where they placed 1st in POM. “We did good, and many other teams were so good. We all did good.” Ka’Laya and her team will head to the AYC Midwest Regionals in Ohio this month to compete in pom and cheer. 

Although this will be Ka’Laya’s last year cheering in Little League, this year she was able to introduce herself to world along other SMSB cheerleaders on FM98 WJLB with Dr. Darrius. She looks forward to experiencing the world of cheer on different performance levels, including college. Ka’Laya plans to study to become a lawyer or doctor after high school. 

We are so proud to have Ka’Laya Hudgins as an exceptional student-athlete of the SMSBYA. She embodies the qualities and zeal to succeed and help others push past their limits that we aim to impart to all our young athletes.

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