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SuperMax 100 Debuts at The Midwest Invitational

By Jalisa Bannerman

SMSB Journalist

Buck Fitzgerald, founder of National Playmakers Academy, and Curtis Blackwell, founder of Sound Mind Sound Body, have merged forces to construct the Supermax 100, a national platform of the top 100 high-performing student-athletes. Elite players of the national collective stretch across America. Each athlete will obtain significant access to a nationwide network focused on exclusive training, brand development, and media exposure for all phases of the athletic arena.

“Our ultimate goal is to ensure our young men get more opportunities for college recruitment. We want to equip any kid who wants to enter the transfer portal with the tools needed to position themselves with the best transfer portal options if that becomes their reality, as well as NIL opportunities,” shared Curtis Blackwell. All athletes will gain skillful experience through participating in nationally hosted events, exposure through the Supermax podcast and docuseries, courses in recruiting, and direct access to professionals trained to protect and assist in navigating the world of college athletics.

“The importance of bringing a collective of talents from all regions is to enhance their brand and games on the field,” shared Buck Fitzgerald. The Supermax 100 will mark its debut at the Midwest Invitational at Ford Field on Dec. 26-27 in conjunction with the Quicklane Bowl. Powered by SuckerPunch Gourmet, the Midwest Invitational will feature a college bowl game, combine testing, skill drills, career education, a live stream 7-on-7 tournament, a promo shoot, media training, and NIL Academy.

247Sports highlighted the undeniably rich talent of the Supermax 100 players. Some of the top athletes will be making special announcements during the Midwest Invitational.

Boo Carter, a Supermax 100 athlete received the first national NIL deal for a Tennessee Inc High school student this past week. He is ranked as the No. 1 Player in TN for the 2024 class. With over 30 offers, some include Clemson, Arizona State, Michigan, Oregon, Tennessee, LSU, Oregon, and Ole Miss.

Jaylen Thompson is a four-star prospect and ranked the No. 1 cornerback in TN in the 24′ class. He will be making his college announcement at the Midwest Invitational. Multiple offers include University of Kentucky, Michigan, Michigan State, Auburn, and Nebraska.

Bryce Underwood ranked No. 1 quarterback prospect nationally in the 25′ class. The 6-foot-2, 200-pound strong arm Underwood has offers from Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Toledo, Missouri, Ohio State, Miami, and more.

Noreel White is a CB from Mississippi, class of ’24 with offers from Florida State, Mississippi State, LSU, and Ole Miss.

Shavar Young Jr. is a 6-foot freshmen from TN with early offers from EKU, Kentucky, Tulane, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Michigan, and Louisville.

Jacob Oden is a four-star prospect from MI, 24’ class. With over 30 offers, some include Minnesota, Iowa, Ole Miss, Purdue, Tennessee State, MSU, Morgan State, Penn State, Jackson State, and more.

CJ Sadler is a big-time prospect from MI, 26′ class. The 5-foot-10, 170 pounds Sadler has early offers from Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan, Michigan State, and Pittsburg

Eli Owens, Alcoa High, TN Player, class of ’25, offers include Michigan, EKU, Michigan State, Central Michigan, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Mississippi State, Kentucky, Virginia Tech, and more.

Jeremiah Beasley is a four-star prospect from MI. As a LB in the class of ’24, Beasley has over twenty offers with some including Tennessee, Syracuse, EKU, Michigan, Western Michigan, Austin Peay, Indiana, Toledo, Maryland, and Pittsburgh.

Macello Vitti is a 5-foot-11, 165 pound QB from MI. His early offers include Central Michigan and Michigan State.

Brandon Winton is a WR from FL, class of ’24. The 6-foot, 175 pound junior has over offers include Florida A & M, Arkansas, Boston College, South Carolina, and TSU.

High school athletes can purchase tickets to the Supermax 100 Midwest Invitational at Ford Field powered by SuckerPunch Gourmet here.

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