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SMSB Makes the Sunshine State a Perfect Place for College Visits and OT7 Tournament

Supermax 100, a conglomerate of the top athletes in the world, eagerly made their way to Florida for another college tour experience. The University of Florida and the University of South Florida welcomed SMSB on campus for a weekend visit. 

Student prospects met college coaches and representatives who provided an overview of the school’s mission and coinciding programs. SMSB alum Mike Williams II currently plays for the South Florida Bulls and has a chance to bring relative perspective to students during their visit.

The University of Florida and the University of South Florida offered scholarships to one-fourth of the players in attendance. The University of South Florida and The University of Florida offered scholarships to some of the top-ranked athletes in America: CJ Sadler, Byrce Underwood, and Tre Poteat. Desmond Straughton received an offer from The University of South Florida, and Shavar Young Jr. received one from The University of Florida. 

Coach Dooley, who has been a part of SMSB for 14 years, firmly believes “exposure is the ultimate ticket to opportunity.”

“Limitless opportunities are put before the young men’s eyes to spark huge interest in higher education. Changing the trajectory of young men’s lives is the ultimate goal.”

SMSB breathes academic excellence, focuses on development, and makes character building a priority.

“The athlete’s physical skills increase weekly through specific pillars, including competition, curriculum-based instruction, accountability, and continuous assessment.”

“Continual 7v7 tournaments allow the young men to have a realistic perspective on their skillset and a head-on approach with national talent” shared Coach Dooley.

The highly trained and skilled group of student-athletes also used their weekend of college visits to battle in the OT7 Florida tournament. 

SMSB ended Saturday night with the upper hand after a great win in the last game. An early advantage on Sunday left spectators glued to the field. SMSB fell short in the last minute with a final score of 21-19.

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