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The Power of Philanthropy Shown to the West Side Steelers

Addressing youth sports’ scarce resources is a significant and extensive undertaking. The mix of actual work, collaboration, and self-improvement makes sports an optimal stage for encouraging positive change in youthful lives. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Tabron have utilized their resources to make a generational impact in youth sports for the third year. Helping raise funds and resources for not only the Sound Mind Sound Body Foundation, but also various Youth Association teams, has been no small feat for the pair, who have broad experience merging their passion for community development, athletics, and coaching. 

Humanitarian endeavors in youth sports shape a better, more evenhanded, and more promising experience for student-athletes and their bright futures. With a narrowed focus on one of Sound Mind Sound Body’s Youth Association teams, the West Side Steelers 11u, and the assistance of the Steelers President, Allante Jordan, the instrumental gesture of serving the community has made a shifting impact. 

“It’s fourfold. They work hard, and they practice hard. Many communities that Sound Mind Sound Body serves aren’t necessarily high-income demographics. It’s another way we can give back to the young men,” shared Coach Don.

The philanthropic network powered together to provide 30+ players with sports apparel and clothing from Battle Sports, one of the world’s leading youth football performance gear and apparel providers. Battles history with Sound Mind Sound Body made purchasing from a trustworthy brand unchallenging. Players received the ultimate football package: Battle warm-up gear, Battle athletic duffle/bookbags, several sets of custom uniforms with their names on the back, and multiple pairs of long socks. In addition, athletes also received matching Nike cleats to complete their look.  Registration costs were also covered for a good number of the young athletes who may have had challenges otherwise.

“Without knowing information about their home life and background, we hope this gives them a sense of pride. We’ve been working with these kids since February. We wanted to be able, first of all, to thank them for their commitment to football and be able to express to them and reinforce Sound Mind Sound Body’s vision regarding all of the places football can take you and the things football can do for you.”  

Players’ bookbags serve dual purposes: a duffle bag option for game day and a double strap option for schooling during the week. “We wanted to show the kids that hard work doesn’t go unrewarded and encourage their student-athletic endeavors.”

Youth sports need networks and resources to strengthen efforts in making positive change privately and in the public eye. Through various channels, we can give the youth access, guidance, and a community backing capable of drawing in young individuals to prosper on and off the games field. By supporting the community of youth sports, we invest in a superior, more fair-minded, and boundless future time for what’s in store.

About Sound Mind Sound Body Youth Association:

Sound Mind Sound Body (SMSB) services over 5,000 students and has over 1,100 volunteers who spend approximately 300 hours annually giving back to Metro Detroit youth. The after-school college readiness program empowers athletes to achieve excellence on and off the field while fostering character, leadership, and overall well-being.

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