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Rams vs Titans 10U ‘Game of the Week’ Was a Surprising Matchup


Sound Mind Sound Body kicked off the first week of games for the season this past weekend by highlighting the game of the week. In a thrilling match-up between the West Seven Rams and Detroit Titans 10U youth division at DEPSA, fans received an exhilarating presentation of athleticism, determination, sportsmanship, and chants from the cheer squad.

The game opened aggressively as teams from both sides were eager to win. The Rams almost scored in the first half during a 25-yard carry made by WR Donovan Hawkins. The attempt left both teams playing hard, hoping to create a scoring gap before the second half.

The Titans took a tight lead for the first half with Tylen Williams’ 30-yard handoff for a touchdown. Kenzo Collins, who shared, “The Titans aren’t going to put any points on the board” during a pregame interview, made the extra point, ending the first half 7-0.

During halftime, the Titans cheer team gave the crowd an outstanding performance. Their high energy and skillful routine created a cheerful atmosphere throughout the rest of the game.

As the game advanced during the second half, it became apparent that a challenge for the Titans to score was underway. The Titans quarterback Anthony Fox exhibited a great solid arm, sending off precise passes downfield that kept the Rams’ defense alert. His capacity to pursue fast choices permitted the Titans to stand tall, notwithstanding pressure.

A reverse handoff and a 15-yard run by Tyresse Adams of the Titans were impactful plays throughout the second half. Although the Rams couldn’t score, they played every second with intentionality. Cameron Turner for the Rams blocked the Titan’s extra point before the game ended 29-0.

Detroit Titans 10u Head Coach Jared shared final words at the end of the game, “We came out tough; the first half was shaky. Second half, we picked up [and it was] a good game. We came out 1-0, and that’s all we wanted.”

Every team comes out to the field in hopes of competing to win. However, being a part of a competitive sport, there are many skillful advantages beyond athleticism, something Sound Mind Sound Body has developed into their program.

Parent Sherikia Hawkins of the Rams shared, “The program is a vehicle for sportsmanship. There is a dynamic of being a great scholar in the classroom. The expectation is that the same effort you put into the field is the same effort you put into the classroom, particularly with school starting back.”

The two groups left everything on the field, displaying the outcome of hard work and the opportunity to return to the lab. Next week’s games are set to showcase the difference one week can make.

About Sound Mind Sound Body Youth Association:

Sound Mind Sound Body (SMSB) services over 5,000 students and has over 1,100 volunteers who spend approximately 300 hours annually giving back to Metro Detroit youth. The after-school college readiness program empowers athletes to achieve excellence on and off the field while fostering character, leadership, and overall well-being.

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