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Supermax 100 Top 20 Player Spotlight: Kory Amachree


By Jalisa Bannerman

SMSB Journalist

Kory Amachree is a young athlete with big dreams. His goal for his freshman year was to earn a spot on Haslett High School’s varsity team. And he accomplished that goal.

As one of the top recruits and running backs in the class of 2026, Amachree has already received 11 D-1 offers from top schools such as Arizona State, Purdue, and Louisville. 

At 6-1 and 180 pounds, Amachree is an impressive physical presence on the field. But he’s more than just an athlete. He’s also a 4.0 student who values his academics as much as his football career. 

“Academics may be more important than athletics because anything can happen,” he says. 

Amachree’s success is due in part to his participation in the SMSB program, which has helped him develop not only his football skills but also his character and leadership abilities. 

“It also helps teach kids how to be good young men, have a good head on their shoulders, and do good in school, which is good in the recruiting process,” he says. 

His father, Mr. Opuene Amachree, is impressed by the program’s ability to build young men into better people. “The exposure that Coach Blackwell and the coaches can provide is amazing,” he says. 

“The trips and how they can build these kids, it’s not just football and skill-wise, but as men, it’s pretty impressive.” 

The mentorship that SMSB provides is a unique addition that can’t be found in any other program across the nation. “When you go into a building, you take your hat off. When you see a coach you speak and shake their hand. You communicate on a certain level and those are things that will benefit them past football.”

“We’re in a unique situation with me being a former college athlete but there are a lot of parents who aren’t and don’t know how things work: what to do, early signing days, and what certain things mean. Coach Blackwell is crazy helpful.”

“I find myself saying, call Coach Blackwell. And these kids can call him at any time of the day or night. He really makes himself available for the kids as long as they are doing the work that they need.”

Mr. Amachree was able to attend some of the parent seminars last year and shared, “Last year I attended a lot of the seminars and he brought in a lot of amazing speakers who talked about how to be their spokesperson and twitter advocate. And although I played in college, things have changed.”

Cory Amachree’s future is bright, and he’s grateful for the opportunities that SMSB has provided him. “There’s a lot of coaches and perspectives at SMSB where you learn all sides of everything,” he says. “It’s not just about football, it’s about life.”

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