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SMSBYA Recognizes Volunteer of the Month for August, Sheronda Washington


We are delighted to announce our Volunteer of the Month for August, Mrs. Sheronda Washington.

Sheronda Washington has been an extraordinary volunteer for the West Seven Rams, dating back to 2012. Her unwavering devotion, charisma for youth sports, and tireless efforts have significantly impacted the team’s camaraderie and the overall positive experience of our student-athletes.

Mrs. Washington, who currently serves as Team Mom for the 8U football team, has older children who have aged out of the program. In recent years, she has helped the Rams, serving as a pep coach, assistant cheer coordinator, merchandise aid, and more. There was hesitation to come back home and volunteer when her youngest son Malik Washington, who plays linebacker and running back, was ready to experience the world of sports three years ago.

Although Mrs. Washington consistently serves at her church, Unity Baptist, and three other organizations, her love and passion for providing a ‘positive attitude with the children and making things fun’ for the kids is what ultimately drives her to the field six days a week. 

“Mrs. Washington is battling leukemia cancer. Despite the treatment and everything else, she doesn’t miss a beat. When she can make it, she is helpful with the 8u boys. When she can’t make it physically, she sends help(her husband). Often, we tell her to relax but she smiles at us and says God’s Will, and I’m doing my job,” shared Sabrina Williams, the Registrar of the West 7 Rams, before Mrs. Washington’s latest medical update.

“Last year was an on-and-off thing because I was diagnosed with leukemia cancer, and I told them I couldn’t come out as much, but my husband would bring bags home, and I would pack them up and have things ready for the game day,” shared Mrs. Washington, referring to her weekly task of providing water for the team and packing lunch bags before Saturday’s football games.

“Everything about my health is perfect. I rang the bell on 9/11. Praise God, I am healed. This is my second time having cancer. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer four years ago, and I beat that, and now I’ve beat leukemia.” 

The family-orientated organization has supported Mrs. Washington every step of the way. Her 8U team created a video of support during her first 30 days of chemo in the hospital. 

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Sheronda Washington for her outstanding and relentless commitment to impacting the lives of everyone she touches. Her dedication to the youth is an inspiration to us all, and her contributions have made a significant impact on our central goal to empower student-athletes.

About Sound Mind Sound Body Youth Association:

Sound Mind Sound Body (SMSB) services over 5,000 students and has over 1,100 volunteers who spend approximately 300 hours annually giving back to Metro Detroit youth. The after-school college readiness program empowers athletes to achieve excellence on and off the field while fostering character, leadership, and overall well-being.

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