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SMSBYA Recognizes Football Student of the Month for August, Nigel Cain


We are thrilled to announce our overall Football Student of the Month for August, Nigel Cain!

Nigel Cain, a 9th grader at Martin Luther King High School, has been an Oldtown Duck since he was seven. As the oldest sibling of five, Nigel has shown extraordinary responsibility, devotion, and leadership both on and off the field as a 14U player. His sportsmanship, positive attitude, and academic achievements make him a phenomenal example of what it means to be a student-athlete.

“This is Nigel’s last year playing Little League, and I am very proud of this young man’s growth and achievement. Nigel is the oldest of five children. To help out his single mother, Nigel got a summer job. Deciding to finish his last year, Nigel paid for his football registration, bought his football necessities, and even started his school shopping for the upcoming school year. All voluntarily,” shared Bobby Simes, President and Co-Head Coach of the 14U Oldtown Ducks.

“Nigel finished his 8th-grade year as an honor student with a 3.5 GPA and was accepted to King starting as percussion bass drummer/drumline player. This summer, Nigel managed to work, play football, and participate in the Martin Luther King band program. Nigel is an all-around great student-athlete and role model. Nigel is destined for greatness, and I am very proud.”

As an outstanding student-athlete, Nigel’s positivity is contagious! He strives to be a great role model for his younger siblings, pushing them to compete for the best GPA. 

Nigel attributes a portion of his smooth transition to high school to participating in a structured team sport. “Playing sports in general has helped me build character because you really need to be disciplined all around and listen to be able to accomplish things,” shared Nigel.

Torn between being in the band or playing collegiate football in the coming years, Nigel hopes to turn his video gaming interest into a YouTube channel for now. “This was one of my first years trying new things and participating in stuff outside of football. I was an introvert trying to find what I wanted to do with myself.”

We are so proud to have Nigel Cain as an exceptional student-athlete of the SMSBYA. He embodies the qualities and spirit we aim to impart to all our young athletes.

About Sound Mind Sound Body Youth Association:

Sound Mind Sound Body (SMSB) services over 5,000 students and has over 1,100 volunteers who spend approximately 300 hours annually giving back to Metro Detroit youth. The after-school college readiness program empowers athletes to achieve excellence on and off the field while fostering character, leadership, and overall well-being.

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