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It Is More Than Just a Game for Coaches Attending the High School 7v7 Showcase

The High School 7v7 Showcase is set to highlight some of the greatest players in America while also recognizing the contributions and impact of coaches. Over 30 schools will compete in one of Michigan’s most extensive high-level 7v7 showcases. Powerhouse teams and skillful players are groomed by committed coaches passionate about more than the game but their players.

Responsible for creating a team of cohesive through training, motivation, commitment, and coordination, coaches are often more than practice and game-day influences. 

Win or lose, coaches build student-athletes to work hard both on and off the field. Notable guidance and impact help develop young athletes’ awareness, accountability, skills, and character. 

Head football coach of King High School, Coach Spence, shared, “We really pride our athletes on playing the game the right way, and that’s with character, class, and great effort.”

“We also want our players to be gentlemen student-athletes, and in that order.”

The back-to-back state champions are conditioned to be more than dominators of the field. Mastering the fundamentals of good character is part of the team’s game plan. Coach Spence was recognized as the 2022 Coach of the Year by the Detroit Lions. 

“One thing that we try to preach to our kids is that we want to use football as a vehicle and a vessel to prepare ourselves for the rest of our lives,” Coach Hiblers of West Bloomfield shared what he instilled in his team. 

“We really believe in competition and competing every day at the highest level, and that’s what makes us excellent at whatever it is you want to do in life.”

“That’s one thing Sound Mind Sound Body’s showcase 7v7 gets out of us. We know we are going to be competing against the top teams in the state, and it really folds nicely into one of the core principles of our program.”

Every team has a standard to live up to, and competing helps to implement areas of improvement in driving toward the standard of excellence. 

Many coaches’ desired outcome is watching players successfully navigate beyond high school. Matt Lewis, head coach of UofD Jesuit, shared, “At UofD, we’ve had a lot of success sending guys to college.”

“We’ve had guys playing all over the country from MSU, Oklahoma State, Duke, Wisconsin Syracuse, Holy Cross, Saginaw Valley, Howard, North Carolina A&T. You name it; we’ve sent guys there.” 

“We also have two guys currently playing in the NFL right now, Scott Nelson and AJ Thomas. We are excited about bringing the next group of stars at UofD to the Sound Mind Sound Body High School 7v7 Showcase at Wayne State July 12-13th. Go, Cubs!”

Skilled coaches teach skilled players, and every aspect of the team makes the team great. We look forward to watching each team compete under the direction of coaches eager to guide their players beyond the years of High School.

Teams/Head Coach:

Admission is $15 for a two-day pass, and $10 for one day entry. Tickets can be purchased from Eventbrite.

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