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‘The Program Won,’ SMSB Owns the Midwest 7v7 Elite Tournament

The highly anticipated 7v7 Football Tournament on May 14 provided a thrilling display of athleticism, teamwork, and mental sharpness. Organized by Michigan Elite Football Club, the Midwest 7v7 Elite tournament brought together teams from across the local region to compete for a shot to win the championship.

The tournament, held at North Farmington High School, featured seven elite SMSB teams. 

From the start of the tournament, games showcased each team’s high level of skill, exceptional agility, endurance, and precision as they moved across the field, executing well-built offensive and defensive strategies. 

Kingston Hunt, receiver and corner for 12u, caught amazing passes and consistently scored for his team. “My effort on defense and my ability to catch and run fast routes on offense and get open to score touchdowns.”

“The team worked together as a unit to communicate spots, man-to-man, zoning, and find possible holes. Overall our team played great.”

The young talent quickly self-assessed the season, “I’ve improved on finding areas where I can get open on offense and the sneak peeks of defenses that I can catch the ball and get yards.” 

The tournament reached an exhilarating moment when incredible skill and tactical prowess landed the undefeated 14u Blue and 14u Black to win in their semi-game. Both teams were crowned champs in the final match.

The 12u Black team, which has had an impressive season of stunning passes and skillful catches all year, ended the Midwest 7v7 Elite tournament as champs.

“The program WON. Kids played their best football of the season, perfect timing headed back to their respective school teams,” shared Coach Sheridan of 14u Black. “[The] 7v7 team went undefeated today in the Michigan Elite battle for the state in North Farmington. We ended up in the Championship against our other 14u team.” 

“We traveled all over the country: Miami, Las Vegas, Tennessee, Atlanta, Indianapolis, North Carolina, and others. Finished with two Semi-final appearances, one final appearance, and a Championship against some of the best football players in the country.”

The 7v7 tournament proved to be a resounding success for the number one 7v7 team in the country. It showcased highly-ranked talent and showed the competitive teamwork of all players.

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