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SMSB Stops to Visit West Virginia University on the Way to Battle Nationals

About 100 SMSB players, some of the best high-level athletes in the Midwest, traveled south to compete in the Battle Nationals held in Charlotte, NC. The talented group makes prioritizing their education a ritual, which explains their first stop at West Virginia University.

Touring colleges can be a helpful tool for students interested in playing sports at the college level. 

Exploring different schools allows prospects to meet coaches, gain a sense of the athletic facility, learn about academic programs, and be considered for college scholarships. 

West Virginia offered scholarships to three SMSB players during their visit:

Xavier “Tree” NewsomThe 2025 4 star prospect from Detroit stands at 6-foot-5, 220 pounds. He plays both defensive end/tight end for the Martin Luther King Jr. High School.

Antwon ThomasThe 2025 prospect from Orchard Lake, MI stands at 5-foot-9, 160 pounds. He plays WR for St. Mary’s High School.

Marcello Vitti The ATH 2026 prospect from Dearborn, MI stands at 6-foot-3, 215 pounds. 

Coach Marshall, the 12u Black coach for SMSB, shared, “It’s a full experience,” referring to touring colleges and competing in 7v7 tournaments. 

The 12u team remained undefeated until their last game at the Battle Nationals in Charlotte last weekend, a major success for the young talented group.

“One of the players’ favorite parts of the 7v7 trips is hitting the colleges, especially for the younger kids.” 

“They don’t always get the opportunity to see colleges because they are in middle school, but the trips make it obtainable for them. It’s a goal that they can see.” 

“The younger guys are around like-minded people who are obtaining goals, so they see that it takes hard work, commitment, and discipline to get to the next level.”

Forming good characteristics of success happens during SMSB’s college readiness and life skill courses in combination with weekly training sessions.

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