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A ‘Good Finish’ Sparks an All-American Bowl Invite During Miami Visit

Max Ex, the Sound Mind Sound Body 7v7 travel team, traveled over 1,500 miles for another collegiate experience. Top talent from across the city of Detroit had a chance to use the off-season to gain a plethora of knowledge and exposure, including ramping up their performance skills.

SMSB’s curriculum emphasizes academics and life skills, two of many components that uniquely make them incomparable to other athletic programs. Almost 200 players toured Division I colleges while scheduled to compete in the Battle 7v7 Miami tournament.

On their first day of games, the 14U team, recognized for a ‘good finish’ displayed how every second counts in a battle. Steve Wiltfong, director of recruiting at 247Sports, congratulated the team and invited WR CJ Sadler, class of 2026, to play in the All-American Bowl in San Antonio. Wiltfong noted Sadler’s performance as tremendous, adding, “you were one of the best wide receivers out here today.” 

An electrifying performance by Max Ex showed the talent of ten teams committed to increasing their ability to read and react against different competition. 10u Black and 18u Black made it to the semi-finals, falling short of their chance to compete in the championship. 15u Black competed in the championship and won runner-ups. 12u Black ended the tournament as the Battle Miami 12u 7v7 champs.

The University of Miami and Florida International University welcomed Max Ex onto their campuses. Students toured both facilities and had an opportunity to walk across stadiums that may someday become their future playing ground. 

A visit to an 800-acre natural gem, Crandon Park Beach, was also in the deck of cards for students. The historical landmark made for a perfect tossing match and a day to experience nature and adventure outside Metro Detroit. 

Building a network and setting sights far beyond the reach of the inner city stirs up every inch of perseverance and equips youth with the necessary tools to excel.

Sound Mind Sound Body is a proven platform that ensures students matriculate to post-secondary education by successfully prioritizing and balancing a unique curriculum that combines life skills, athleticism, and academics. STUDENT + ATHLETE + SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY + SOUND DECISION MAKING = SUCCESS.

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