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Unveiling the Season: SMSB Football Academy Announces First Roster


We are pleased to announce that the Sound Mind Sound Body (SMSB) Football Academy is now back in action and fully equipped to take on the challenges of the athletic, life skill, and academic season. As we approach our 20th anniversary, we are proud to offer America’s best football program for free, thanks to the support of our esteemed partners and sponsors. 

Our offseason program is designed to provide extensive support to selected scholar-athletes through athletic training, 7v7, mentoring, college visits, camps, recruiting, life skills, parent seminars, and SAT Prep. We are proud to offer a comprehensive schedule for the upcoming season, which includes listings of our PSAT exam this weekend at Detroit Country Day and our highly anticipated National Invitational on December 26-27. 

We maintain a rigorous selection process, and all SMSB Academy participants aged between 8 and 17 years old are required to undergo an intensive process of interviewing and evaluations before being selected. With a waiting list growing extensively, our most updated 2023-2024 roster for the season includes some of America’s most elite players:

Dreyden Martin
Jarreau Guidry
Jalen Harden
Austin Davis
Edward Watkins III
William McMichael II
Andre Rooks
Dallas Harris
TR Ellis
Madison Bright
Derrick Bloodsaw Jr
Camdon Pratt
Josiah Doggett
Jermaine Redd
Zachary Tate


Darnell Canady
Brakhard Lawler
Terrell Phillips Jr.
Alex Cross
Tristian Locke
Daton Batts Jr.
Braden Holzen
Kasyn Ditmyer
Amari Dorsey
Lavert Farris Jr
Leron Beamon
Brandon Johsnon Jr.
Saul Williams
Damari Ingram
Samir Anderson
Blake Hearns
Troy Yharbrough
Ay’Den Bowens
Martez Chambliss
Ashton Sutton
LaRon McKay
Mason Woods
Timothy Williams
Thomas Jones
Karie Clinton
Djoser Tabron
Jordan Anthony
Devon Troup Jr.
Gerald Batchelor
James Baldwin
Jahleel Mitchell


Jaidyn Martin
Masai Ali
James Torain III
Dawoud Issa
Don Spillers
Amir Chaney
Chase Johnson
Jemaile Harden
Donald Tabron
Drew Sheridan
Bobby Christian
Myles Matlock
Tyler Trusel
Xhzavier Perry
Carlos Lopez
Julian Hayes
Robert Thompson
Thurston Brooks
Jayden Bell
Joel Williams
Cayden Jackson
Lamarcus Army
Marion Stewart
Christian Griffin
Drake Martin
Jerrimiah Cross
Kameron Lowe
Mylan Griggs
Xavier Tate
David Yharbrough
Julius Barnett
Grayson Thurston
Journey Parker
Cairo Lily
Jaidyn Mott
Kamryn Hall
Luke Roussin
Peyton Robinson
William Welch IV
Cameron Sims
Grant Fernandez
Kennard Smith
Christian Marshall
Easton Meek
Amir Forris
Christopher Hawley


Jaidon Windom
Derrick Williams
Quran Stewart
Michael Dukes III
Deneir Harris-Wright
Isaiah Gray
Darryl Folks III
Obi Duru
Sammy Eyde III
Kyle Spears
Donavan Jones
Lucas Schwenn
Terrance Ivy II
Lorenzo Barber
Jesse Little Jr.
Jeremiah Hicks
Emory “Tre” Jones III
Davion Reese
Anthony Cartwright
Conor Gallagher
Antonio Vasquez
Jaccarri Anderson
Giancarlo Vitti
Karnell Moore
Chad Willis
Collin Sumpter
Dylan Stewart
David Krall
Jeremiah Davis
Kennedy Netter Smith
Elijah Warren


Dreshaun Johnson
McKale McDowell
Kolton Porter
Jayden Savoury
Elijah Jones
Drew Rankin
Josh Lemanski
Elisha Durham
Trey Graham
Desmond Straughton
Santino Cicarella
Daveyier Wilson
Daylon Doe
Antwon Thomas
Malik Murrell
Lamont Wilcoxson Jr
Dimari Malone
John Baker
Jermiah Taylor
Rondre Austion
Marcello Vitti
Lamarcus Beverly
Mason Chadwell
Calondrey Hardy
Rashawn Kirk
Ryan Counts
Nate Rocheleau
Jaden Mills
Jonathan Edison
Donavon Lyons
Bryce Underwood
Nikkos Davis
Desmon Yharbrough
Gary Maxwell
Joseph Tate
Jevon Martin
Derrick Jackson
Angelo Chapman
Hanklin Elston
Donovon Triplett
Antonio Solares-Vitti
Ronald Fleming
Wes Nichols
Kory Amachree
Peyton Trammer
Carson Lovett
Avery Taylor
CJ Sadler
Trae Taylor
Darryl Flemister
Dakota Guerrant
Samuel Banks
Jeremiah Benson
Jaylan Campbell
Lamar Fairfax
Trezelle Jenkins Jr.
Gregory Myles
Joshua Bryant
Joshua Paramore
Jameer Henry
Gavin Fernandez
Caleb Lane
Dawoud Issa
Landon Duffany
Jordan Henry


We look forward to a challenging and rewarding season, and we encourage all interested individuals to complete a nomination form to be considered for the SMSB Football Program. Space is limited, and we encourage applicants to apply as soon as possible.

About Sound Mind Sound Body Youth Association:

Sound Mind Sound Body (SMSB) is a proven platform that ensures students matriculate to post-secondary education by successfully prioritizing and balancing a unique curriculum that combines life skills, athleticism, and academics. STUDENT + ATHLETE + SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY + SOUND DECISION MAKING = SUCCESS.

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Jalisa Bannerman

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