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The Eastside Raiders Wins Sound Mind Sound Body Youth Association’s First Baby Bowl

By Jalisa Bannerman

SMSB Journalist

Sound Mind Sound Body Youth Association delivered its first-ever “Baby Bowl” on Saturday, October 29, at Fordson High School in Dearborn. SMSB held eleven games consisting of seven youth teams: The Detroit City Wolverines, The Detroit City Lions, The Detroit Spartans, The Detroit Titans, The Eastside Raiders, and The Oldtown Ducks.

The foggy start to the day was no match for the relentless teams. Pushing through to the finish line, they caught passes, defended the ball, ran fast, and scored. The small but mighty athletes indisputably showed up to play. 

Each youth team was able to compete to earn a place in the semi-final match-up. The Raiders and Titans played the final game. The Eastside Raiders became the 2022 Baby Bowl Champions after dominating the field with a game-ending score of 18-12 against the Titans.

Game 1 teams and final score: 

Panthers 18, Spartans 18

Wolverines 18, Ducks 12

Game 2 teams and final score: 

Spartans 18, Wolverines 6 

Ducks 18, Panthers 0

Game 3 teams and final score: 

Lions 18, Titans 6

Panthers 18, Wolverines 12

Game 4 teams and final score: 

Lions 24, Raiders 12

Spartans 12, Ducks 0

Semifinal teams and final score: 

Panthers 6, Raiders 24

Titans 24, Wolverines 12

The 2022 Baby Bowl Runner Ups: The Detroit Titans, The 2022 Baby Bowl Champions: The East Side Raiders.

Sound Mind Sound Body Youth League has over 2,500 student-athletes committed to successfully prioritizing and balancing school and sports. Sound Mind Sound Body’s after-school program is composed of a unique curriculum that combines life skills, athleticism, and academics.

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