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Supermax 100 Top 20 Player Spotlight: Darryl Flemister


By Jalisa Bannerman

SMSB Journalist

Darryl Flemister III’s remarkable freshman season at Detroit King High School was characterized by his “bad play, good play, next play” mindset. 

Standing at 6 foot and weighing 160 pounds, Flemister led his team to the district finals and made it to the regional semi-finals. He threw for more than 1,300 yards and 21 touchdowns with only two interceptions. 

Flemister filled the shoes of his predecessor, Dante Moore, who is linked to Detroit King and SMSB, a program that associates both athletes. Moore, an alum of the program, started his first collegiate year at UCLA this Fall before his transfer to Oregon. 

For the elite first-year student, being a part of SMSB means traveling to compete against top talent, recruitment exposure, and other distinctive advantages. Flemister, who was listed in the quarterback slot for the 2023 Detroit News All-Detroit High School Football Teams, has been a part of SMSB for five years. 

“The program prepares me as a player and a person,” said Flemister. “While visiting colleges, I am also working and developing my communication skills. Teaching me the recruiting process is a blessing. Coach (Curtis) Blackwell always enforces discipline and taught me the importance of speaking fluently and looking a person in their eyes.” 

Flemister’s first offer came from Kentucky, but shortly after, others, including D-1 offers such as Michigan, MSU, Maryland, and Toledo, poured in. He is determined to keep improving and is confident that SMSB can help him pick up more offers during the off-season. 

There is no slowing down for Flemister.

Flemister’s father, Darryl Flemester II, is delighted to see his son grow and develop within the program. As someone who also benefited from SMSB as a youngster, he is happy to see his son have a similar experience. “Coach Blackwell took me traveling when I played. We were the first 7v7 team from SMSB to travel to Alabama. I built a relationship with him that allowed me to trust him with taking my kid out of town to have these experiences. In turn, with him being around different camps and opportunities, his character has changed so much,” shared Flemister II. 

“The program has helped him out a lot with recruitment. He went from having zero offers to 4-5 offers. What I like most about the program is my son’s support system with SMSB.”

Flemister dreams of attending college and getting his degree in Engineering before pursuing a career in professional football.

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