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SMSB Checks off Another College Tour One State Away From the OT7 Arizona Tournament

The nation’s top football prospects added the state of Arizona to their seasons list of college touring Mar. 18-19. Students regularly travel across America visiting college campuses, meeting coaches, and exploring higher education options. Discovering college opportunities through a hands-on approach is embedded into the SMSB program.

Supermax 100 toured the University of Texas where students were given valuable insight of the school’s environment, programs, and scholarship opportunity. Players were encouraged to ask questions to further their lenses in making informed decisions regarding their future. 

Jacob Oden, a 2024 four-star athlete, has attended at least 80 colleges with SMSB. “Touring colleges help with recruitment and help us see where we can be if we keep working.” 

When asked about the most significant benefit of participating in the program, Jacob responded, “Exposure! SMSB makes sure we go to colleges as we are on our 7v7 trip. They make sure to get kids around colleges, big and small.”

“Being serious about academics is so important because we can’t do anything with sports without it. SMSB helps us with our academics.”

Over the course of two days, athletes were tasked with expanding their network through a college experience and honing their competitive skills during the OT7 Arizona tournament.

The 18u team has a history of success on the football field and Phoenix, Arizona was no different. Tarrion Grant, made one of the most memorable plays for the weekend. The four-star CB from TN caught an interception in the endzone and scored after stunning the crowd.

 The talented group of players are exposed to a network of tools, knowledge, and opportunity through the continuous efforts of the SMSB program.

Sound Mind Sound Body is a proven platform that ensures students matriculate to post-secondary education by successfully prioritizing and balancing a unique curriculum that combines life skills, athleticism, and academics. STUDENT + ATHLETE + SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY + SOUND DECISION-MAKING = SUCCESS.

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